El Gordo de Navidad

El Gordo de Navidad has been an annual tradition in Spain for more than 200 years and has grown into something of a worldwide phenomenon in recent times, with lottery fans now able to enjoy the game from wherever they are located.

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Spain’s Christmas Lottery takes place on 22nd December, and has done every year since 1812, with millions of tickets available for the draw. Players enter a raffle and thousands of prizes are guaranteed, with the odds of winning far more favourable than for most lotteries.

At least 75% of the Spanish population is estimated to take part, the draw lasts several hours and involves children singing as the numbers are selected, while even the annual TV advert is eagerly awaited.

Due to the way the game is played, whole communities can enjoy success together, especially if they win ‘El Gordo’, which is the nickname for the game’s top prize as well as the lottery itself.