El Gordo de Navidad TV Ads

Being the biggest lottery draw in Spain and, arguably, the world, El Gordo de Navidad is heavily publicised. As part of that the Spanish National Lottery (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado) commissions TV advertisements that tell humorous and heartfelt stories about the people that play El Gordo. You can take a look at the most recent commercials for the draw below:

Más ganas que nunca

Released: July 2020

Tickets for the 2020 draw went on sale in July. To mark the launch of the game, an advert was released which featured retailers excitedly preparing to open up for business and sell entries for the Christmas Lottery. Jesús Huerta, the president of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, said they were more eager than ever to distribute luck this year following the coronavirus pandemic.


Released: November 2019

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado created not one but four commercials for the 2019 El Gordo draw in a campaign titled #UnidosPorUnDécimo, which translates as "United by a Decimal" (or "United by a Tenth"). Each one tells the story of a different couple and how the customary sharing and gifting of El Gordo "décimos" brings them closer together.

Ramón y José

In "Ramón y José" a young man called Ramón arrives at a dinner party hosted by his partner's parents. The father, José, clearly doesn't hold Ramón in very high regard, as evidenced by the fact that José has bought El Gordo tickets for everyone except him. That all changes when Ramón reveals he has also bought tickets to share. There follows a light-hearted moment when José has to duck under the table to hurriedly add Ramón's name to the envelope. José's opinion of Ramón appears to have softened and a new phase in their relationship looks set to begin.

Pilar y Félix

This commercial starts with an elderly man called Félix riding the bus. He is on his way to visit a woman called Pilar who, it turns out, is the ex-wife of one of his sons. Pilar assumes Félix is there to see his grandchildren but he reveals different motives for his visit. He explains to Pilar that he buys El Gordo tickets every year to share with his family and that despite the fact that she has separated from his son, Félix still considers her part of the family. He slides an El Gordo décimo to Pilar across the kitchen table and the couple share an emotional embrace.

Emilio y Gloria

It is approaching Christmas in a textile factory. Gloria finds Emilio - the company's founder - sorting through some paperwork in the office despite the fact that he has just retired. Gloria presents Emilio with an El Gordo ticket. Emilio is nonplussed until she tells him to take a closer look at the numbers. It's a date - the date that Emilio founded his company 40 years ago. It's revealed that Gloria is Emilio's daughter and she has inherited the management of the company. Emilio is struggling to let go but Gloria has reminded him of what's most important - family.

Carmen y Víctor

Carmen is in hospital the day before the El Gordo draw and she's going to be there for the foreseeable future. Her nurse, Victor, is convinced that the hospital will be "touched" in this year's draw and in his head he has already started spending the money. He escorts Carmen to breakfast but takes a detour to the nurse's office along the way. There he gives Carmen an El Gordo décimo on the condition that she plans what she will do with the winnings when she leaves hospital. "Well, I've always wanted to go to Japan", Carmen says as Victor wheels her down a sunlit corridor.

22 otra vez

Released: November 2018

The commercial for the 2018 draw shows how one man learns the true magic of El Gordo day. Entitled ’22 otra vez (22 again), we see disgruntled key cutter Juan win the top prize, only to wake up again on 22nd December and relive the same experience over and over again in the style of the film Groundhog Day. Fed up with winning, he hands over his ticket to a stranger and takes far more satisfaction from sharing his good fortune than he ever could have imagined.


Released: November 2017

#DANIELLE tells the story of a girl, Danielle, who has come to earth to learn about human behaviour. In Spain, Danielle meets a man (Daniel) while queuing outside a lottery shop, he then buys her an El Gordo de Navidad ticket. After getting lost on the way home one day, Danielle finally meets Daniel once again after the El Gordo de Navidad draw has taken place, as the ticket he had bought for her turned out to be the winning one.

The Guiris

Released: July 2017

Announcing the launch of ticket sales for the 2017 El Gordo de Navidad draw, 'The Guiris' video was released, showing 'the Guiris' (a term used in Spain applied to tourists from Europe) talking about all the things they like about Spain, and what sort of things they would like to buy. The ad finishes by explaining that 'the Guiris' already know the El Gordo de Navidad tickets have gone on sale for the Christmas draw.