How to Play Irish Christmas Millionaire Raffle

The Irish Christmas Millionaire Raffle takes place annually on New Year’s Eve and is easy to play for anyone who wants to go in search of big prizes. Players can take part through authorised retailers in Ireland or by going online.

When they enter, players receive a random six-digit number. All the codes are unique, and there is a limited number of tickets available each year.

Sales will close when all the tickets have run out, or just before the draw is held on 31st December.

All the numbers which have been sold are then be placed into the raffle, and a host of winning numbers are randomly drawn. A separate draw is then held to determine how much each of the winning numbers is worth, with a range of prizes going up to €1 million. Go to the Prizes page to find a full list of the prizes for the latest draw.

How to Claim Prizes

Anyone who wins a Christmas Millionaire Raffle prize has 90 days from the date of the draw to come forward and make their claim. Online players will receive a cheque if they win up to €10,000, but must visit the lottery’s Dublin headquarters to collect larger prizes..

Anyone playing through a retailer will also have to visit the Dublin office for a big win, but can visit any An Post Company Office to collect prizes up to €15,000 and may be able to receive smaller awards of up to €2,500 directly from retailers.