How to Play Lotaria do Natal

Lotaria do Natal draws are held on 26th December and the structure is more like a raffle than a normal lottery, with players receiving a random number when they enter. Winning codes are then drawn on the night and players win prizes if they have matching tickets.


Players can take part in Loteria do Natal online or by visiting authorised retailers in Portugal, and they will receive a random five-digit number.

Tickets are priced at €75 apiece, but each ticket is split into fifths. These fifths are known as fractions. All five fractions in a single ticket have the same five-digit number, and it is up to players to decide how many fractions they wish to buy.

There are 100,000 different number combinations in one series, but the Portuguese lottery sells multiple series for each draw. In 2017, for example, 10 series were made available.

The use of series means that multiple players will have the same number on their ticket. However, the prizes will not be shared between winners like in many other lotteries, instead, each winner is guaranteed to win the advertised prize.

The Draw

When the draw is held, all the different number combinations are placed into a machine. Numbers are then drawn at random, determining the first, second and third prizes. Players can also win a host of smaller prizes depending on how closely they match the winning numbers.

Visit the Prizes page to find out all the different ways you can win.